Please return the color of the previous dark theme

Please return the color of the previous dark theme.

Now the theme has become very contrasting, or make three variations of the theme.


Please restore the colors of the dark theme to their previous state.
This theme is causes discomfort. :weary:


After tampermonkey script:

which I just posted…

I don’t have a screenshot record of the dark scheme as I’m a light guy. And the new look messed with the old script in “light” a bit. But could do a bit more tampering and monkeying.

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The new theme is really terrible, it bothers the eyes, it would be good if they went back to the old one. At least they should make the text more matte.

I suffer from astigmatism and this new UI makes it very hard for my eyesight. The light version is too bright and the dark version is too dark.

Too much contrast => blurred vision for ppl with astigmatism.

Please add an option with the original dark theme for ppl who suffer from astigmatism.