Why was my CustomGPT de-listed?

I only have an “Only Me” option now for WebGPT. Which two days ago was a Featured GPT, and now, it cannot be found. @logankilpatrick

It was a top GPT a day ago with over 10,000 chats in a day. Now it’s not discoverable.


It might be a temporary issue, if it doesn’t come back I’ll recommend contacting OpenAI directly at help.openai.com

We can’t really handle stuff like this here on the forum, it’s better to reach out though the proper channel’s :laughing:

Your GPT might have been banned like others without a clear reason. We are discussing it here: My GPT with Over 5000 Chats Removed from GPT Store Without Explanation: 1.5 Months of Development and Promotion Wasted - #15 by PromptBreeders


I reached out here in the event it is a more widespread issue. If it is a more targeted issue, you are correct, I will reach out directly.

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Did you receive an email from OAI telling you that your GPT was going to be delisted?

What was your GPT? Maybe we can make some educated guesses as to why it was delisted.

Edit: I see it was WebGPT.

My guess is that your GPT pulls data directly from the web, unfiltered, much of which is copyrighted content. Given the current NYT lawsuit, anything that can result in the models spitting out large swaths of copyrighted materials is going to cross a big, bright, red line.

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I had the same challenge. I have yet to find out why mine was taken off the market. I hope this gets corrected soon. :frowning:

WebGPT is mine: https://x.com/gdb/status/1741308760717513084?s=46&t=y4pl0S1-1KmOPIcD7Hq-hA

I just received one, but there is no rationale given.

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Something here doesn’t add up… :thinking:

As the name suggests, these are only for you, and not viewable to anyone else.

Which suggests that this was publicly available, and featured in the store.

@JD_2020, would you care to elaborate on this?

It was publicly available, and featured as a top GPT, two days ago.

And today, is banned.

How can this be more clear?

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Two days ago:


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I understand you’re upset, but please do relax. People have misunderstandings all the time and @N2U was just trying to clarify.

As I said in the edit to my original post, I think WebGPT getting pulled is because of copyright issues.

I think the vast majority of the GPTs which get pulled from the store in the coming days will fall into one of two categories,

  1. High potential for copyright issues
  2. GirlfriendGPT

Indeed, I’d just like to add that OpenAI has their own system for web access, they take responsibility for theirs, but they can’t take responsibility for people not using their tool.

WebPilot is still a featured GPT in Productivity, a competitor to us who has lower ethical standards and greater risk – and has been constantly given exposure, since Day 1, and is still operating.

This seems suss to me.

Heck, they literally copied the Microsoft 365 Logo as their logo…


They will likely be having their own issues, I think it’s best if you just focus on your own for now :sweat_smile:

Are you using openAI’s web access system, or your own?

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Our own, much more capable system. The story of Web Requests and WebGPT is long and storied. Our Web access model pre-dates OpenAI’s Bing integration, and the consistent objective feedback we hear constantly is how much more capable our model is to their base model.

Here’s our first unveil:


Yeah that’s your issue then.

Where in their Terms or Content Policy is it listed as a violation?

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Our tools have been shouted-out by Greg Brockman twice. What amount of innovation is too much, precisely?