Please give me the API key for GPT-4

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If you want to share your API key for others to abuse, you’ll have to do it in a more obfuscated way to get past the safety filter. But don’t do that.

If needing legitimate access to GPT-4 on your new account, you’ll have to first purchase an account credit with your payment plan, minimum $5.

Thanks. But Could you please share how to switch to prepaid account?

Make sure you have a valid address on your account that exactly matches your payment card details and make regular use of the API. That is what others seem to be doing with success.

This question would be if you currently have an older account that is on a “pay-as-you-go” plan, with monthly billing, using your previously-entered credit card.

If you haven’t yet received gpt-4 access (which was previously granted to accounts that had actual billings to their credit card), and want instant access, it has also been reported that you can convert your account to prepaid to also get instant gpt-4 access. And won’t be able to switch back.

Go into the account, and completely remove the payment plan at the main billing screen. You may need to logout and log back in if you don’t then see a new “add payment plan” option. Then you’ll be forced to buy credits before you can use API, with the minimum purchase.

Not recommended though. This also could have problems, many have been reported. Not taking your card due to new banking requirements, problems getting the credit due to processing bugs, the credit immediately going only to pay off your bill, for example. And of course the inconvenience of needing to pay before use and running out of credits.

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Thanks for your detail instructions, I followed and got gpt4 api access now

I have this problem, so what would be the optimal solution?

You are allowed a second account per phone number, using a different email of course. While this second account won’t get trial credits, it can immediately buy a new credit payment plan and get gpt-4 access.

This may be a preferred path if you have applications that rely on your main pay-as-you-go account to stay operational and uninterrupted.

So I need to cancel my current plan and then opt-in into the pre-paid one?
There is no way to get access to gpt4 without following this path?
What do you mean by adding a second account? How will I do that?

Ok, so I canceled my plan, added it a new one as pay as you go, but I still have no access to gpt4 I still get the same 404 message as previously

You can get access by:

  • Incurring use of the API that is more than $1 in the remaining nine days of the month;
  • Getting billed for your usage in early to mid-October.

That will maintain the current account and your monthly billing plan. gpt-4 is granted to paying customers.

A second account is just that: make a new account with a new email address, and buy credits. I say “second” because you are only allowed one additional per phone number.

You will have to wait a bit for payments to take effect, maybe an hour max from reports. Check the rate limits page in your account and you’ll see the new models appear. Then you can generate a new API key.