Please consider Upvote/Downvote

I’ve been a forum user for only a hot minute and already I’ve read tons of useless or just plain incorrect responses to questions (“I have this specific question about fine-tuning GPT-3.5.” Answer: “ChatGPT is already fine-tuned, so there’s no need to do this.”). Not only does this make it difficult to find accurate answers, but makes it discouraging for posters.

Please consider implementing an upvote/downvote system like stack overflow, where good asnwers float to the top, while poor quality answers drift harmlessly to the bottom.

I"m sure it is also important to be able to keep some forums chronological to facilitate conversation and community.

Thanks for considering this.

My apologies for any confusion, but it’s important to clarify that this is not a bespoke OpenAI forum, but rather one that operates on the Discourse platform. While Discourse does offer an upvote system (without downvotes), its functionality can be effectively replicated on our platform by assigning ‘hearts’ to posts.

Do hearts change the order of posts, or can I view posts in “heart” order?

In long topics when this would be needed you can click a relevant topic button on the side of the screen. This will show you the topics with the most amount of hearts.

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Yeah, definitely not the same thing. Bummer.