Please consider adding Auto-Scroll feature On/Off in the settings

It’s sometimes inconvenient to read ChatGPT’s response as it auto-scrolls while generating the text. We have to scroll for a bit to read it normally and continue reading at our own pace. I get that it’s also convenient the way it is now for some people, the feature should be helpful for others!
And the chat share feature was amazing, along with all your amazing work! Thank You!!


+++ to this request. The auto-scroll is especially annoying when you’re using it for programming, because most of the time you’ll implement its response in chunks, and want to spend more time at the top of its response copying the code block, reading what it says, etc.

As it is right now I have to wait for the whole message to come in before I can start to use it without the annoyance of constantly scrolling back up.

[Edited] This appears to be working better for me now with the down arrow. Used to be more buggy, where I would scroll up to trigger the down arrow but it would auto-scroll anyway. Thanks if this was fixed since my post!

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I just made a post about this and would love any way to prevent it. It makes me want to throw my computer through the window. What possible purpose makes this a good idea?

I also use GPT for programming. The auto-scroll can be annoying. My solution is to just wait the few seconds for it to finish its response. I watch the scroll bar to the right to determine that. What I would like to see is the auto-scroll default to the last entry - this would be convenient for long conversations. But, heartfelt thanks to OpenAI for this amazing tool.

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