- A RANGE OF SUGGESTIONS RE GPT-4 (inc. Voice, Scrolling and Feedback) -


  1. The dictation provided in the mobile version of Chat GPT is terrific, and highly accurate. But it definitely can be improved

The current choice is
a) Blind dictation and spoken answers (without any words showing), or
b) The ability to edit the dictation (or type it in oneself) - but no spoken answer.

I appreciate the choice, but it would be great to have the option to listen to the answer (and still display the text) without having to go blind, and to be unable to edit questions.

When using dictation without auto-answering, a very long pause should insert a new paragraph. Lots of GPT users utilize long prompts / questions / inputs, and to be forced to have everything squashed up into one really, really long paragraph is messy and unworkable.

And if one wants to add more information to the question, the dictation button shouldn’t delete your existing question and replace it with the new added info.

  1. It’s time to stop scrolling the typed answer GPT provides. When you were new, this was a cool retro representation of Chat GPT typing its answers, like it’s an old typewriter. But now its just aggravating. If the page stays still, and the text moves, that’s OK. But no-one wants the book or page they are reading to be constantly yanked and moved in jerky, somewhat random ways.

  2. Make it easier to give general feedback (rather than just feedback on answers). There seems to be no general feedback link provided in GPT or even the OpenAI website.