Please assist in investigating why I received an account suspension email despite not using the API

The email is as follows:
"Hi there,

We have determined that you or a member of your organization are using the OpenAI API in ways that violate our policies.

Due to this breach we are halting access to the API immediately for the organization Personal. Common reasons for breach include violations of our usage policies or accessing the API from an unsupported location. You may also wish to review our Terms of Use.

If you believe this is in error and would like to appeal, please contact us through our help center. We will review appeals as soon as possible and will contact you if we reinstate access to the API.

The OpenAI team"
Is it possible that a system error or a false report caused me to receive the account suspension email?

There is no “report this API user to OpenAI” method.

It is instead likely content-related. It can be from using your API key not as a developer, but on sites that use jailbreak-like techniques to generate undesirable content, or doing so yourself. Not sending inputs to the moderation endpoint for safety checks first.

I suspect you are asking here because you want to know more about what you did in error before sending to the help center.