Wasted space since playground UI "improvement"

There have been simple problems with a significant impact on mobile for quite a while but now you’ve brought them to desktop.

What is with all this wasted space that causes the assistant responses to decrease in readability considerably? Never mind not being able to read the history any more if your window is narrow.

You might say “Just don’t use a narrow window then. Maximize your stuff!”. First of all, I believe that in this day and age, designers/developers should be able to create decent responsive UIs. Secondly, I have to use voice input for work, the voice input tool has to stay visible and so I can’t “just maximize” all of my windows.

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This is good feedback, useful stuff that isn’t just blanket statements or impractical requests like “make GPTs and GPT-4 free for everyone through the API”.

I’m not a front-end dev, but this seems reasonable!