Personal Bot. Exploring the Potential of Personal Bots: A Vision for Knowledge Sharing and Community Transformation"

Hello, esteemed community!

I would like to address the potential use of personal bots, especially in the context of individuals with vast experience and extensive knowledge. Indeed, many people who have spent numerous years in intellectual fields possess a wealth of knowledge accumulated throughout their lives. With such a bot, they could contribute significantly more to society. Moreover, if there were many bots, interacting in the network, they could collectively transform the world for the better.

I am curious, does OpenAI offer such a service? Let’s assume I want a personal bot. Similar to ordering a VPS, could I potentially order a Personal Bot with a monthly subscription and accompanying software? As programming is no longer accessible to our brains, which are rich in experience, we could present our records, images, videos, patents, etc., and programmers on the paid server, in this case, OpenAI, could integrate this data into the bot. I am addressing OpenAI staff directly. Does such a service exist, or are there intentions to create one? If not, is it a possibility?

Dear community, join me in exploring these ideas. Let’s discuss the potential benefits and opportunities that may arise from integrating personal bots into everyday life. Additionally, feel free to share ideas for their development and improvement.

Your input is valuable! Share your thoughts and suggestions.

I am pretty sure OpenAI is busy with existing lines of work which are focused on more capable foundation models like rolling out GPT-5 next year.

I’ve thought of the same idea as you but I recommend going smaller.

Step one is either:

-Your personal thinking assistant (I can help there)
-A relevant AI expert assistant (you can do this yourself)

Before we go with AI clones :slight_smile: let’s start with AI buddies.

I’ve built both of the above. It’s fun and useful and I’m working on scaling for others to do the same.

Thanks for sharing - very helpful! Scroll a little bit lower in this discussion: Assistants API - Access to multiple assistants - #13 by dlaytonj2

and you will see a GREAT example of a writing Assistant and a writing critic, working together!

Guys, that’s not what you’re talking about. I’m talking about renting individual AI bots for personal order. If OpenAI does not have such a service, then who is the smart one who offers such a service? But if this is not the case either, then who is ready to start such a super-profitable business? I’m in.