Persistent Error: Hmm...something seems to have gone wrong

This issue is persistent and for some reason a moderator moved the thread to a different error which is now also closed. I see no support for this or advice to resolve it. GPT 3.5 works but GPT 4 constantly gives me the Hmm…something seems to have gone wrong. message. I’m paying to use GPT 4 and expect to be able to do so. When is this getting resolved?

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Welcome to the dev community forums!

You’re talking about chatgpt, right? If it’s an API issue, that would be a very curious :thinking:

With chatgpt sometimes shift-refreshing the browser and/or just trying again will solve most issues :thinking:

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Same issue all day today. Worked yesterday. Thought it was just me. I just signed up so thought I was doing something wrong, but GPT-4 was working great yesterday. It’s happening on my phone too.

Thanks Russ. This has been a relatively recent issue for me. GPT 4 worked without a hitch for a long period and I think it may be related to demand on the service but I could be wrong.

Yes CHatGPT. IF I’ve posted incorrectly then apologies. I can refresh the content and eventually one of them will work but frankly that doesn’t really address the issue - there’s clearly a fault in the system.

No problem, nothing that can’t be changed :slight_smile:

Yeah - there are a lot of issues and there are likely more to come :frowning:

It’s just how openai does business :laughing:

If you subscribe to the strategic triad philosophy, they’re putting all of their chips on product leadership. At the cost of operational competence and customer responsiveness. :thinking:

It eventually started working again for me, no more issues for now (except with publishing a new GPT in the GPT store, which I posted separately about.)