Payment API problem and possible project publication

Hello everyone,
I have been using the API for my university thesis (creating a video game) for a few months now. I am using the “text-davinci-003” model. I have associated two credit cards with my account, but they have never been charged since I started using the API, and I’m not sure why. I have entered the credit card information correctly, and I have sufficient credit for payment. In the “Usage” section, I can see the total amount in dollars spent on API calls. I have tried contacting support multiple times, but I have not received any response (it has been a long time since I sent the emails). I’m unsure how to proceed without any feedback from the developers.

I am using the API from Italy, and I don’t know if that could be the issue, especially since ChatGPT has been unblocked in my country (and the API was never blocked). Is it possible that I am using a free version? How can I verify this? Could there be a limit to the usage beyond which I am not billed? (I have reached a maximum of $9 spent in a month). Additionally, when I go to the “Billing history” section of my account, it is completely empty.

Since the project I am working on is a video game that I would like to publish, I don’t want to encounter any issues with OpenAI, but I have no information since they are not responding to my emails. I would also like to know if it is possible to publish the video game and if there are annual subscriptions available instead of pay-as-you-go to manage the API calls from users playing my game.

Thank you to anyone who can help me understand what to do.

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Welcome to the Forums!

If you have a registered Credit Card with your API account and the system is functioning for you then you should have no problems, are you encountering an issue?

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Hello! Thank you for responding!

No, I’m not having any issues using the API. In early June, I finally got charged for the first time (strange to say, haha) for the month of May. I read online that OpenAI provides $5 of free credit for the first 3 months, but it still seems strange to me since I exceeded $5 of usage in previous months (as I mentioned, I even spent $9 in one month).
Maybe I misunderstood, and the first 3 months are free regardless of usage? I’m a bit confused…

I’m interested in knowing if the first3 months are completely free because then, since I’ll be publishing my game with the API included, I need to inform users well about the cost.

I think you just did not get billed fully while everything is in beta development mode, I’d just accept it as a W in the W/L column :smile:

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Hmm, it’s very strange, but all in all, you’re right ahahaha, although I would like to understand more about these payments :laughing: