Pay to use GTP4 Turbo. Can't use it

Sign up, add payment info, add money to account. Try to send in a single large message to GPT4 Turbo. Tells you that you need a higher tier account as your usage limit is too small.

Same test on works perfectly, gives correct result.

Did you prepay more than $0.50? If you did then you should have tier 1 which is enough for GPT-4.

Yes, prepaid $5. It tells me I have to prepay another $245 and wait two weeks to even send a single large message (128K tokens) to GPT4 Turbo.

Pointless when I don’t know whether the output will be any good. I have to pay $250 to run a single test? No thanks. will be fine for now. Wish I could get my $5 back to be honest.

Any fix for this yet? Don’t want to spend $250 to test one single api call.

Hi there – we’ve just increased rate limits for GPT-4 Turbo for all users.

You should be able to make at least a couple of large context size requests to GPT-4 Turbo now. As your usage of the API increases, you will move to higher Usage Tiers and you’ll be able to make more large requests to the model.

You can view the new rate limits for GPT-4-Turbo here: OpenAI Platform. You can also view rate limits for your specific account in your account settings here: OpenAI Platform

Really appreciate your patience here as we work through building capacity for the new models.


Thanks for stopping by and letting us know. We appreciate it.

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Excellent, 80k->300k TPM for gpt-4-1106-preview

Will this model remain, and is actually designed for, a cap of 4k max_tokens as a response?

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That is correct – the model will remain at 4k output tokens.


You get a like - but not because I like that idea :hugs:

Does it really take 2 weeks to be able to use the token upgrades we pay for?

nikunj – does it really take 2 weeks before we can use the usage upgrades we buy?

The rate limits should take effect almost immediately after your account has paid more than the threshold shown for the next tier.

You won’t be able to progress to the next tier until the waiting period of “trust” to ensure your payment card and payment history is reliable.