Paid to start using the API and it already has $3.46 used

will it go away in a week as people say? Why is this so badly managed?
I am a “pay as you go” account but already saying that I used it is really not ok.

It would be ok for me if they put a warning in red saying “We will return the X amount charged to confirm your bank account” and let the bar at “$0 used”

You haven’t used the API or Playground at all?

I added my credit card TODAY 31 May, and as you can see in the graph, it shows that nothing has been used today.

So the moment I added my credit card, this value was charged and they say that it is to confirm the bank account ( and I understand why ), but it shows that I have used the same amount as well… I don’t know if it will go back to $0 when they refound me but it is a concern for me.

Maybe you used some of the 18 free usd that everyone gets when you create your account (those last for a period of time before expiring). Haven’t you used any other openai feature? dall-e, etc?


I have free credits and saw that I still have dall-e credits in a “Try DALL·E” free to use.

So OpenAI is charging me while ignoring the free credit that I have…

Sorry but due to the many people showing that they are being charged much more than the limit they set, I have decided NOT TRUST OpenAI with my credit card, I have created a temporary one and they showed me that there is NO SUPPORT for devs and they DON’T CARE to have one.

Their charging system is a SCAM.

You should be able to select the exact day and see exactly how many tokens you used and what it was used on. This will give you a better idea of exactly why.

Best to contact support and wait for a reply and set a hard limit in the meantime.

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Looks like something similar I had like 20 years ago. Used autoincrement for userids in a database and we had a fallback on our cluster. When main didn’t response anymore replica became main while it wasn’t already updated.

So the same IDs have been used for the next users who registered. Then replica went down and main went up again and so on… and we had multiple users with the same userid (login table was connected to user table)…

Long story short. Looks like you see stats from a different account.

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Even if I did use something, I had free credit that would “pay” for it. Something is wrong and people are being charged way more than what they set the limit to be.

You might have utilized tokens that weren’t included in your free credit allocation. However, it requires additional information to provide a comprehensive analysis.

Your reluctance to investigate the issue further and tendency to adopt a victim mentality are not conducive to resolving the situation. :slight_smile:

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Someone have 5$ and someone have 18$ when they sign in. The first do it in emails and the other do it in openai. But you said is right.

I have already heard you, checked my end, and answered you.

“comprehensive analysis”? “additional information”? I thought that I was clear by using an image showing that I still had free credit when they charged my usage on my prepaid credit and continued doing it as you can see that my usage was one cent of a dollar higher in each bar (free credit and “pay as you go” credit), you don’t need to do data analysis on my token usage to see that there is a problem and I don’t have to report every detail of my account to you, your comment was rude and unnecessary.

I know that I may have been too aggressive in my criticism of OpenAI and I am sorry if that felt inappropriate for the community but I am criticizing the company and not OpenAI’s people. This is something very dangerous because even though people set a limit, they are being double charged
and sometimes some charges are way beyond the limit. This is something very serious.

Anyways… here is how you can try to solve the problem folks: