Paid for subscription, but no GPT-4 access

Hello, dear OpenAI team and Forum,

The transaction for my ChatGPT subscription has successfully gone through today, but I can’t access GPT-4. My account billing information shows that i successfully paid for it, yet it offers to pay again.

Need urgent help((
Thank you in advance

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This happened to me earlier tonight.

I clicked manage billing, refreshed, logged out then back in. When I clicked on the Get Plus button, it finally worked.

I’m hearing it’s possibly CORS related.

This is where AI is frustrating. It appears the open chatbot knows nothing about my issue, but yet I still cant seem to land somewhere to get help. No chance of talking to a person to resolve an issue.

I have a fully paid up ChatGPT Plus account, but when I go to access ChatGPT it asks if I want to upgrade to Plus and I am left without access to the latest models.

You press help and enter a maze that never resolves your issue.

same issue as you, don’t know how to fix it

I cannot access GPT 4, but I already renew payment. I need it for my work as a ghost writer and my quality of writing will be reduced if I don’t use GPT 4. I have never logged out from my android in GPT and I renew my payment just yesterday using google play store. What solution I need? I really need help with this. I am so desperate to the point of me contacting them via social medias and comment on chat gpt being error but still no help. the help site is also not effective I kept on getting in a circle of contact supper and ask for help but the questions are predetermined and I cannot still access GPT4. have you guys receiced the same error?

Hello! Good day! Yesterday, I was charged for the plan I have, and it turns out that starting today, I don’t have access to the premium plan that I’ve been paying for and has already been charged. When I try to restore the plan on iOS, it always shows that I have a free plan, which is not true since I was charged for the plan and I haven’t stopped paying for it. What can I do in this case?

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