Our OpenAI use case for e-commerce customer service product

Hello everyone!

I would like to show you our simple use cases for OpenAI in our product. This allowed us to simplify the initial product configuration. Our customers have responded very positively to this.

We’ve used OpenAI API to help our customer create FAQ for their website visitors.

Manager can enter a simple answer to the question. Using OpenAI, we will change it into a longer form, ready for publication.

Sample: When asked “what is the return policy”, the website owner answers “pack it and send it in 14 days”, and thanks to the integration with OpenAI we will change it into “The return policy is that customer must pack the item and send it back within 14 days.”

We used the same technique to help customers create an invitation to contact and write an interesting description of the products offered.

If you have an existing product, consider where this type of integration can help your users with configuration. We got a lot of positive feedback.

We are checking further possibilities of using OpenAI in our product, I will post information about further releases.

You can read more here: Our take on AI revolutionizing ecommerce personalization

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