EmbedAI - Automate your customer support 24/7 using ChatGPT api trained on your data

EmbedAI lets you automate your customer support by having an AI bot answer your support questions 24/7

Reduce your support workload by more than 80%

Train on your FAQ documents from website, youtube videos, notion documents in a single click

Check it out at EmbedAI and let me know what you think!


EmbedAI now integrates with Crisp messenger thus allowing GPT usage in Crisp when human agents are not available. If you are interested in getting access, send me a dm

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Nice. Thanks for posting to your original thread and not starting a new one.

Interested in hearing your latest developments, and it’s easier to keep up this way.

Keep up the great work!


Thanks a lot for the support. Will keep adding our updates here

EmbedAI now has a wordpress plugin.

You can seamlessly add an AI chatbot to your website trained on your content

Here is the link to the plugin

EmbedAI now has a shopify plugin to let you convert your Shopify store to a chatbot.

Here is a demo for the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4hg3j3Kens&ab_channel=EmbedAI

EmbedAI now integrates directly with Intercom


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