Our old accounts were deleted with which I had created fine tuning jobs. Now I was invited into the organization with my new account. I can see all our fine tuned jobs there but I cannot access them even with new api keys with all permissions enabled

Context: Our old accounts were removed and new account was created as we switched domains from Google workspace to MS. However, I could not enter into my account. Then I was invited into our organization owner with a new account. I can see all my fine tuned jobs but when I try to access them, with my older or new API keys (with all permissions granted), I cannot use them and keep getting authentication error. I am already in the organization. Why is this happening?

Hi @karki.aryan355

Make sure that the API keys you’re using to make calls belong to the respective org whose fine-tuned model you’re trying to access, and not your personal org.

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  1. added organization’s id
  2. upgraded openai version to latest
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