\] or \[ crashes Chatgtp's formatting

Chatgtp-4o suddenly fails in giving me a nice format layout, making the text unreadable. My guess is that [ and ] crashes the formatting somehow, because as Chat is writing his reply, all goes well until he hits the [. The format doesn’t recover.

Only when I tell Chat a few times not to use [ or ] the problem seems to go away, this is only temporaly though, because in other conversations the problem recurs again and again.

I hope you guys can help


This is highly likely related to the problem reported in this topic about ChatGPT outputting LaTeX notation as-is.

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me too. there is problem.

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same issue with me today, it was perfectly fine till yesterday

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Same, also crashing with \) and \(. When responding, everything is formatted nicely, the moment it types one of these, all formattings, even the already typed ones, turn into character strings, i.e.

Section title

turns into
### Section title
, and so on.

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Exactly. I’ve encountered the same issue today, whereas there was no such problem until yesterday.

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the thing is that it was making that error on the phone app but works fine on the website, but now it vise versa

fixed for me on Website now!

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