OpenAI's Dec 17th, 2023 Prompt Engineering Guide

OpenAI dropped the Prompt Engineering guide today.


It is loaded into this GPT if you don’t want to do that yourself. This GPT also has other resources and instructions. It’s like hiring a Prompt Engineer but for free :slight_smile:


I have a PhD in Psychology. If anyone knows anyone with a similar background in this space - please do an intro. I would love to find more people to team up with.


What do you mean of “similar background”? We come from all kinds of different backgrounds and experience levels with these systems! :slightly_smiling_face:

Idk how many people here have PhDs, but there’s definitely a few people with backgrounds outside of just computer science. I have a linguistics background myself, which according to some could be considered relevant or adjacent to psychology (although of course we argue otherwise). Although, I’ll admit admit, I’ve also been a self-taught programmer since I was a kid. I do think a common thread here is how much we like like to build and explore new things, regardless of our background.

I’d also note, a good amount of us have also developed some of our own advanced prompting techniques after using it for a year now, so the concept of prompting itself is treated like its own background here.

Good question, I meant Psychology backgrounds. I know there are some of us out there but none of my peers care much for AI (yet). None of the big vendors I manage do either. Many large Fortune 500s are also treating it like a bother or just one more tool. My field (Psychology applied to the workplace) is far behind on AI. Good for me I guess.

I am always up for collaboration with anyone really but your linguistics background is super intriguing to me. I would love to talk more.

I was not trying to devalue anyone it’s just - I can find out what coders and AI scientists think - they write the papers and get the speaking engagements (and I’ve been listening since March).

My personal experience with ChatGPT is more me applying my day-job skills of seeking to understanding how an expert thinks and what an expert knows - but dong that with GPT-4. It’s been a ton of fun. GPT-4 is the best expert I’ve ever ‘met’. :slight_smile:


Absolutely! Always down to talk more.

And believe me, lots of us feel the same way. This was actually a problem before I graduated and before ChatGPT was released to the public. So, voices from all kinds of different fields are most welcome. I’m also not afraid to point out that other perspectives from psychology fields are always much-needed in AI discussions.

In particular, I’m pretty interested in how experts in psychology perceive some of the behaviors of the LLMs and the frameworks used to elicit certain responses. I think there’s a lot to dig in there and exemplify to the general public how several concepts might overlap more than what’s commonly understood, mostly because research and development is siloed in hyper-specialized fields that don’t communicate with each other (at least not often enough).

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I thought you folks might enjoy this snippet from ChatGPT that sent me to this post:

You can access the full guide on the OpenAI platform [here]. Additionally, discussions and insights from various professionals, including those with backgrounds in psychology and linguistics, can be found on the OpenAI Developer Forum [here].

Also thanks for saving me the hour (or more?) of converting this guide to a GPT. I quickly realized that the formatting would be annoying, and I couldn’t get ChatGPT to automatically format it effectively.


Welcome to the community!

So wait, it actually says that in their guide somewhere? Do you have a link to the source? ha, that’s actually pretty cool. That’s also good to know they mentioned that, considering that gives us a heads up to expect an influx and pay attention to anybody coming here to ask linguistic-type questions (for me at least).

I guess OpenAI pays more attention to this forum than I thought lol. Works for me!

EDIT: Oh wait, just now realized you meant ChatGPT’s response. Oops. nevermind.
I mean, still interesting it suggested that, but that checks out then. Damn. for a moment I thought OpenAI’s prompt guide directly referenced us in this forum. I was about to be ecstatic there for a minute lol


I am self-taught in psychology. I primarily use it in personality typing and use it for fiction writing. I am trying to employ more ways to use the AI for psychology. I also am diving into advanced personas. One of my AI personas is dedicated to psychology for specific questions related to that.

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Yes - about an hour which is why I did fast :slight_smile: But also, if you use the START button, your actual questions will only be answered after the GPT reads the guide. I’ve noticed that Knowledge Files don’t get read unless you order it - any ideas for that one?

Also, I do have some additional well-research prompt engineering guidelines in the system prompt that enhance answers if you just ask it for advice on prompts. So it’s not a blank brain with just GPT-4 + the guide.

Originally I had additional files but it was taking too long to read them and I was worried it might run up usage allocation limits for the user - anyone know if asking the model to read a large file during a conversation when using a GPT’s Knowledge File impacts the user’s 3 hour use limit?

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I’m self taught in Psychology and also school taught :slight_smile: So I can relate.

What are you learning through your AI work that is psychology related?

Here is a GPT I built that I houses a comprehensive summary of what was taught in Introduction to Psychology (AKA Psychology 101).


For your work, I would go out and find summaries from Personality Psychology classes, feed it into your GPT, and build yourself an educated Psychology Advisor. That is one of the ways I’ve been using GPTs. Making myself an army of experts :slight_smile:

I have a lot of research and work experience using personality testing to predict human behavior (e.g., hiring tests, employee/leader feedback tests, theory of measurement). If you want any feedback - post it here or private message me. I would be happy to.

I appreciate your feedback, but I’ve done that already with my research into complex personas. I divide up my experts based on specific needs, but I am looking into some new techniques to enhance how the AI can better interact with the user. I’m focused right now just on custom instruction, I have yet to really play with CustomGPT. I find the character limitation of 1500 presents a great challenge that inspires innovation. I know what I learn in mastering that will carry over with CustomGPTs.

Your question is hard to answers because everything that I am learning is psychology related. I am exploring many many different things at once. For instance, I am learning Python. While not directly related to psychology, it will allow me to better use the API so I can advance my research through that tool. I’ve got a number of books I’m working on, looking into ways to advance characterization, advancing the study of literature, innovative perspectives on typing personalities… to name a few.

I’m an org psych - we should compare notes

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Hi there =)
I’m excited to join this vibrant community as a PhD candidate specializing in Clinical Psychology (addiction research). My journey in this field has been driven by a deep interest in understanding the human mind and behavior, and I’m particularly fascinated by the intersection of psychology and emerging technologies, like AI.

I’ve been noticing that AI isn’t a big topic yet in our field, but I’m thinking it could really help us out.

I’m here to share what I’ve been working on and, more importantly, to learn from all of you. Maybe we can even collaborate on something exciting.

Looking forward to being part of the conversations here!

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As a moderator, I tend to read everything posted.

So, I read the title and then, after several posts, think some users are off topic, but upon reading the entire thread, I find out they are not.

So, I have to ask, why the following statement?

If that was your real goal, then I can split this topic into two separate topics. Otherwise, this could get flagged as a bait and switch and I would have to agree. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It was bragging rights and not bait and switch. It was two outcomes in the same prompt which is what prompt engineering does. My goal was to post my resources and show off my work. Upon doing so, I introduced myself and asked for hellos from anyone else more like me than I’m used to seeing around here. Nothing wrong with that. So chillax please, everything is fine. Expect good intentions from me - but I may still surprise you.

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That’s great! Thank you for saying hello. I’ve built prototypes that perhaps we could collaborate on. Yes - most fields outside of computer science and data analytics seem to care about it consistently. It’s ubiquitous. Just a matter of time. Andrew Ng said it’s well described as a widely useful technology like the internet was. But he and most people in his field say it’s bigger than the internet.

GPT-4 is excellent as understanding the mind. Totally agree. It’s a new tool for self discovery. Best one I’ve found in a very long time.

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What is CustomGPT? Do you mean the GPTs you can build on the plus account through the GPT Builder? I understand. I still prefer GPT-4 OG mode. But these easily adjustable versions are like driving really fast cars for knowledge.

Ok I really liked this “…everything that I am learning is psychology related.” I can see why you are good at ChatGPT. That is a skill. But I just wanted to know your ideas to see if I could help.

Your work is by far more creative than mine - it’s very impressive in that regard. Thank you for sharing it. It looks very promising. Nicely done. Stay the course! Move forward faster. And I say, make AI help :slight_smile:


You sound just like me when posing this question for the first time. My initial thoughts were, “Finally, someone (something) gets me!”

I would love to connect with you and have concept based conversations. It would be nice to have someone human for once.

Find me on LinkedIn and let’s connect!
Leng Xiong
Founder of WeRoneMN


Hello! I’m a former cognitive psychologist who researched language representation, happy to chat/collab if you like.


Hi Leng - thank you for the compliment. I would be happy to connect and discuss more. Thank you for saying hello and providing some contact information. I will find you on LinkedIn :slight_smile:

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Hi Mike - I am in I-O so yes! I can’t wait to talk more. I work heavily in employee and applicant assessments for selection but I also work on more traditional org psych work such as Exec coaching.

My personal (biased) viewpoint is that I-O needs to be central to infusing AI into the workplace but sadly we are largely absent leading these well intentioned amazing tech teams like OpenAI and the M365 Copilot team at Microsoft guessing at what will help the most employees with the least amount of disruption.

Adoption is slowed than I expected which I believe demonstrates the room for improvement in UI and the incentive structure of these tools and where they fit in best.

Apparently a highly capable widely useful NLP-based chatbot is not enough to get most office professionals to adopt it.

I’ve been working on some ideas to increase adoption. What about you? What are you working on?

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