OpenAI stopped sending user's location header

Hi there,

Since yesterday or so I started to notice that ChatGPT was no longer sending the location header it’s supposed to send to indicate the user’s location.

As stated in the official docs:

Currently, we will be sending the user’s country and state in the Plugin conversation header (if you are in California for example, it would look like {"openai-subdivision-1-iso-code": "US-CA"} . This is useful for shopping, restaurants, weather, and more.

It was working quite well so far but now this header is totally missing from the requests made by ChatGPT.

Since nothing was said about such a change, is someone out there aware of why this change was made? Is it perhaps going to be something the user will have to opt in for ?

PS: I’ve read this post but there’s definitely something else going on here. The header isn’t sent although it’s my production plugin.


Sorry to bump this, but @isaac_oai do you have any insights about why it’s happening?

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@isaac_oai can you please fix this asap. This renders my plugin useless as without user’s location we cannot provide them personalised results.


Hi, any news on this ? It has been a few days now and we still don’t have a clue

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Same issue here :slight_smile: would love to get some info :slight_smile:

I was able to get an update on this -

They are looking into it. @isaac_oai was on vacation last week. He said he will look into it this week. @logankilpatrick said someone is looking into it but as this issue was raised on Friday they expect an update on it this week.

The tweet you linked, likewise asking for attention, doesn’t show any responses.


FEI this actually seems to be fixed, the header is sent again.