[Breaking] openai-subdivision-1-iso-code header suddenly missing in production

Dear OpenAI team,
I just noticed in the logs that the openai-subdivision-1-iso-code header is suddenly missing in all requests sent to any of my plugins in production. I kindly ask to fix this as fast as possible, as the plugins’ functionality is totally depending on this.

Thank you!

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Most of the plugins that depend on location are useless right now and that includes my plugin too.
If they wanted to stop sending it, they should have informed us in advance or provided some other option. I’ve already messaged them and even sent a DM to Logan. No response yet. This is high priority, please fix it urgently.
@logankilpatrick @isaac_oai

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Remember, the plugins model is a beta feature right now and it should be expected that things will break, change, and generally be less than stable.


Still no word from OpenAI. This is a breaking change and affects every plugin that depends on user’s location data. If they do not plan on adding it back, we should atleast be informed so we can find an alternative (although I can’t think of anything right now)

Their documentation still says they send this data.

Currently, we will be sending the user’s country and state in the Plugin conversation header (if you are in California for example, it would look like {"openai-subdivision-1-iso-code": "US-CA"} . This is useful for shopping, restaurants, weather, and more

@logankilpatrick @isaac_oai

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Should be fixed now, could you give it a try again?

Thanks for your patience on this!


It’s indeed fixed, thank you :slight_smile: