Openai-subdivision-1-iso-code is missing for actions

Hi! I see no openai-subdivision-1-iso-code header in requests to my action, but see others like openai-conversation-id.
Is this documentation relevant for actions? Is there a way to get user location?

This document is related to plugins and not to actions.

When obtaining user location information in actions, it is recommended to include the information in the API payload in an appropriate manner, while complying with the privacy policy.

Yep, I understand that, but actions are some kind of successor of plugins, so this info can be relevant. Moreover, there was a thread {openai-subdivision-1-iso-code} header missing - #8 by sagar that gives a reason to assume that such header existed.

Am I right that you say that there is a way to instruct ChatGPT to provide user location via API spec? I can’t just ask it using prompting - it is going to be some hallucination because llm has no access to real location.

In that case, I think if the user explicitly requests something by specifying a location, the user’s location can be sent via an API.

If the user request is to check the weather in a specific location and you made a “Check weather” action available, the model will follow the OpenAPI specification you provided to send a request to that API and return the response to the user

I’m talking about getting (very) approximate user location with every request (via the header) even when a user has not provided location info in a request.

Actions might be considered successors to a certain type of plugin, but not everything that was possible with plugins is necessarily possible with Actions.

The approximate user location mentioned likely refers to geolocation.

Actions are a feature used for calling an external API from GPT (ChatGPT). As discussed here, it is not possible to geolocate a user.