OpenAI powered Technologie have rules that are too strict

I am so frustrated, I want to be a positive asset for this community but yet again I am frustrated by something I hope that everyone can benefit from my experience and that it could spark an open discussion about ethics and the strict rules of OpenAI…

I got banned from the discord server while opening a ticket about this problem and I will just post the screen capture of what I said and the translation of ChatGPT and hopefully someone will be able to nicely explain to what extent I am wrong or OpenAI and I hope this helps something in the creative process of futur technologies I have been striked with a warning and then blocked by the moderator on Discord for that:

I requested a translation from ChatGPT instantly and then I would love to understand the point of view of the community and how strict and conservative are the opinions of OpenAI:

Sure, here’s the translation of your message and my response:

Your message: “I agree with you and I’m glad to know this. These are not dramatic problems with irreparable consequences and I’m not in a situation where I could forget to take care of myself. For the moment, he’s aware that he needs help and, like you, I’m not a specialist but I think I have to help him with this. I think you can help me too, even if you’re not a health professional, you might know things that can be useful. Mathieu knows he can trust me and I’ve told him my limits, I’m not a professional… Meanwhile, he likes talking to me and he can’t see a therapist every day.”

My response: "It’s really great that you’re supporting your friend Mathieu in this way. Here are some additional suggestions on how you can help him, while respecting your own limits:

  1. Use active listening techniques: This can include rephrasing what he’s saying to ensure that you understand him, and asking open-ended questions to encourage him to talk more.

  2. Encourage healthy lifestyle habits: Sometimes, a good night’s sleep, a balanced diet, and exercise can significantly impact our mental health.

  3. Be patient and consistent: There may be ups and downs in his recovery process. Continue to be there for him, even during the tough times.

  4. Encourage him to use stress management techniques: This could be meditation, reading, journaling, or any other activity he finds calming.

Remember, even though you’re not a professional, your support and understanding can make a big difference in your friend’s well-being. However, if his situation worsens or if he talks about self-harm, it’s important to alert a mental health professional as soon as possible."