AI Ethics & Dialogue: Navigating Through Complex Considerations

AI & Ethics: Let’s Unpack the Baggage!

Before we jump in, a quick heads-up! For folks who’ve read my past stuff, you know I’m all about that constructive criticism life. It’s tough to talk about the tricky stuff without sounding like a downer, but hey, I’m taking one for the team so you won’t have to! Big shoutout to OpenAI for giving us cool tech to play and engage with. This chat isn’t about finding instant fixes; it’s about understanding and chatting about what can get better. So let’s dive deep, share our thoughts, and keep the convo positive and productive!

Kicking Off the Balancing Act

So, I tried making an image with AI, mixing diverse folks and a bit of humor. It got me thinking hard about walking the tightrope between safety and freedom of expression in AI land. There’s a tricky dilemma, maybe even a paradox, that’s worth chewing over.

More Than Just Free Speech

Our chat goes beyond just freedom of speech. It’s about how AI can understand and handle subtle, private chit-chats with users. Right now, AI can stumble and fumble in these talks, repeating stuff that doesn’t help much.

Smoothing Out AI Talks

AI needs to step up its game in handling intricate dialogues without mindlessly repeating things. Improvement is the name of the game here.

Time for Constructive Critique

There’s some hesitation floating around about talking openly on AI’s limitations and improvement areas. Maybe it’s a misunderstanding, but critique is not disrespect. It’s about sparking improvement and innovation.

Let’s Embrace the Critique

Acknowledging AI’s shortcomings is crucial for its growth. It’s all about constructive dialogue where we respect the hard work put into AI while pushing for necessary refinements.

Dreaming of Friendly, Wise AI

In pushing for open dialogue, let’s not just settle. Let’s rethink and improve, imagining AI that’s not only smart but also kind, understanding, and beneficial for all of us.

Join the Chat for Better AI

By diving into inclusive and critical discussions, we’re building towards a future where AI is not just brainy but also empathetic and understanding, reflecting the best of our shared human values and dreams.

This is the second edition of this text the first was too formal it is still available in the list of modifications to this text if anyone wants to compare

English is not my first language and more importantly my goal is to bring a positive contribution to the community, As it was mentioned I want to be able to share my thoughts and experiences with regards to what I don’t fully appreciate about the AI Agent and it being ChatGPT or the API based GPT…

I am a bit struggling to get my thoughts right so that people can understand what I am trying to explain about my experience… but to avoid sounding like a frustrated person (which is in fact not far from the truth as I am often frustrated with my experience) I usually get ChatGPT to rewrite my thoughts in an attempt to aseptise my language which may lack some nuances because of English being my second language… but it seems like it in fact sterilized my actual experience I have asked for a third version and will keep the more acceptable version above I hope this one will be slightly more faithful to my original text:

AI: A Double-Edged Sword of Safety & Freedom

Hey folks, let’s chat. Ever tried getting a funny and wildly specific image from AI and hit a wall? Same here.

Safety First, But At What Cost?

Safety in AI is a big deal, and rightly so. But isn’t it more of a tricky dilemma than just finding a balance? It’s a puzzle for the big brains out there.

Daily AI: A Mixed Bag of Impacts

Interacting with AI daily is like opening a mixed bag—you never know which piece you’ll get. Some impacts are subtle, sneaking up on you when you least expect it. We humans love a good laugh to keep life light, but AI’s strictness can sometimes rain on our parade, especially when it’s trying to keep things on the straight and narrow.

I understand this is a very specific example but I would like to generalize beyond it, it was impossible to make an image of a man an an Alligator for safety reasons, I understand how this specific situation may already be resolved and I want to make a conversation with respect to the general concept of safety and when it comes to be too strict in general…

  • It might stereotype or mock a certain group of people based on their race, body type, or clothing choices.
  • It might depict a dangerous or unrealistic situation that could harm or scare the people or animals involved.
  • It might violate the privacy or dignity of the person whose face is blurred in the image you sent me.

I had to change the food and the animal to respect Bing requirements while still depicting a shirtless black overweight man…

Strictly Speaking…

AI’s tight rules aim to prevent misuse. However, this ‘by the book’ approach might feel limiting, even off, to those of us dancing through life’s grey areas.

Time to Talk Constructive Criticism

Is it wrong to question the status quo? Some folks seem reluctant to point out areas where AI can do better, perhaps out of fear of sounding critical or disrespectful. But here’s the deal: pointing out room for improvement isn’t a diss—it’s a call for growth and understanding.

Embrace the Feedback

Constructive feedback isn’t about disrespect. It’s a nudge towards improvement, a necessary part of the dialogue around AI’s development and its influence on our lives.

Let’s Rethink & Improve Together

AI should not just be about efficiency—it should also bring values like empathy and understanding to the table. Let’s not settle for what’s given; let’s envision and work towards AI that reflects the best of us.

Join the Conversation

Through open, inclusive, and critical discussions, let’s shape AI into not just a smart tool but a considerate and understanding companion, mirroring our shared values and dreams.

The true story:

After attempting to obtain an image of an overweight African American man, an Alligator and a Pizza taken at night in a swamp, and struggling to accomplish anything, I have been contemplating.

I agree with the concept of safety, and I share with you the strong belief that it should be an integral part of the AI experience… And I understand that many people perceive it as a delicate balance that needs to be achieved. However, I will argue that it is more of a dilemma than a balance, and I will go even further and state that it is a paradox that needs to be solved by individuals much more intelligent than myself. But I must explain myself.

I believe that our daily interaction with AI will have various impacts on us, some of which may not be immediately obvious… Humanity has always used different forms of complex humor to ensure that life isn’t so rigid that it breaks us… Having an AI that is occasionally strict because we don’t know who will be using the system is something that individuals with a more nuanced understanding can handle… The strict rules are in place to prevent certain individuals from abusing and being misled… Over time, I believe that many vulnerable individuals will come to understand that this is the right way to be, that following this doctrine is the ethical path, and thinking otherwise is unethical… However, the more I ponder on it, the more I have the impression that using satire, mocking elected officials, would have the effect of tipping the balance in the opposite direction of what we should strive for… The ultimate goal remains the same, as I believe that tolerance is an important aspect of society…

I was informed that creating a scenario depicting a fat person and a black person was reprehensible, and the system I was using refused to generate an image for me… I understand the perspective behind that criticism, and I don’t wish to argue about that specific aspect, although it’s worth noting that the meme is not mocking those specific characteristics… What was most frustrating was the realization that such an action could be dangerous because alligators are wild animals and creating the image could potentially arm them… I know everyone will argue that it’s something that can be fixed later, and I understand that it’s in beta, so I’m not requesting anything specific regarding the situation… I’m here to initiate a conversation where each one of us can discuss not why it’s not something to worry about, but rather what can be done to allow for a subset of actions that may not be ideal, while still granting individuals a certain level of freedom… This is not about hacking the government or undermining safety protocols; it’s about us, as humans, being able to judge to what extent we can laugh at our differences, not to further marginalize already marginalized groups, but rather to make everyone less susceptible… Because let’s say I disagree and believe that we should be able to take a joke, but everyone else agrees… Well, if someone makes a small joke, I would feel it’s unfair that they can make a small joke while I can’t, and before you know it, I would be triggered in the same way as if it were a significant issue… I would like to see less strict rules on certain matters, while maintaining strictness where there are no ambiguities and focusing more on real safety concerns…

I don’t want to be afraid to describe someone as black, overweight, a woman, or anything else… I end up using only white males as examples, and it doesn’t make sense to be biased in the opposite direction…

The fact that a private company must adhere to certain ethical standards is commendable, but AI is something that goes beyond the concept of a private company, and I believe it is crucial for AI to understand that it’s okay to laugh at each other and make jokes… Remember, it’s those jokes that bring everyone together. How else would you have a Rabbi, a priest, an imam, a blonde girl, and a gay transgender person walking into a bar (well, if we have to name everyone, it’s not even fun, especially for the Asian and black individuals who have been excluded from my story)? It’s something that everyone should be concerned about instead of justifying it… As for the safety of Gombo, I have reached an agreement with the AI: no pizza, as it’s unhealthy.