Openai migrate = sketchy?

I just ran ‘openai migrate’ on macOS and Terminal asked for access to my photos, documents, contacts, calendar, you name it. That was wildly shady. Anyone else experience this? Did I get a compromised version of the official package somehow?

Are you talking about this?

Not familiar with the Mac library, but hopefully someone else chimes in.

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No, I do not suspect you received a compromised install, but I do not have the PGP signatures to verify that.

What I do suspect is that you’re seeing how much MacOS yells at you when you try to handle dev work appropriately. In fact, the tool may have just need dir access, and MacOS interpreted it bizarrely.

Now, do I know much about the tool or why that came up? Not particularly. But do you want to know one thing I do know?

This exact phenomena started happening to me a lot when I was still using a Mac to tinker with. The more MacOS updated, the more time I spent (forcibly, unable to automate) clicking the damn unlock buttons, saying “yes, it’s fine”, going in and manually checking boxes to make sure this one specific program stops getting flagged by doing what I’m asking it to do. And these mechanisms got worse and worse and worse, and I got to a point where developing was too frustrating to do on my Mac.

So, considering that this experience mirrors a lot of my pain points with the OS, I think you’re fine. Again, be cautious if you’re ever untrusting, but also, be mindful MacOS’s security flags are a step above Paranoid-level for people who know what Terminal even is.


Yes, that seems to be related. Thanks! I didn’t have this issue on my old Macbook. I think their new silicon defaults to not allowing any system-level access for anything by anyone without an active acknowledgement from the user, which is dreadfully burdensome. I imagine that’s what’s happening here. Thanks, all!


Correct. That is MacOS’s default now. In fact, it seems as if Macs don’t want to give system-level access to their users at all.

Unless they changed something, and I missed it, the active acknowledgement can not be turned off either :slightly_smiling_face:.


I wrote about this this on another post as well: