OpenAi in Education, may 30th 2024

We are in a junior college level institution in Canada. Will ChatGPT Edu be available in Canada ?
Also, will it be possible to have access to the API to use in class projects ?

in truth you dont need to wait.
if you have access to the API period, you need only design a a backend.
Ironically you can use GPT or… frankly any 10 spot LLM to design it.

depends on the class sure, but… if the goal is to reference specific material to directly reference then you can just create a GPTs*

which… is the actual name for what Open AI at Chat GPT calls a specialized GPT.
I feel like its an attempt to market the term “GPT” that went awry.
Never the less… they have an automated frontend for this - and if it doesnt require external execution, its 5 minutes of answering questions, and uploading files.

As for direct API access under the guise of education - with concern to the economic considerations then i do not know how to answer that.

But i wanted to give you what i know in light of your request.

I would contact OpenAI’s sales team directly with any question that is not answered by the webpage that you most likely already know.

Here’s the contact to sales:

If you get an answer it would be really helpful for other community members if you can share what they told you.

Thank you and good luck with the project!