ChatGPT implementation in a private organization

Is it possible to implement ChatGPT for a private organization to do data analysis or is there an API that could be used to send data (privacy could be an issue), and get analysis? What is the best way to go about completing this?

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There’s no ChatGPT API yet, but we’re hoping.

In the meantime, there’s the other models, like text-davinci-003…

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Where can I find tutorial to take that “other” model to use for private data analysis?

Not sure about the specifics of your data analysis needs, but here you go. This page lists them all.

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I’m curious about this too. The docs say " 1. Provide a ground truth for the API. If you provide the API with a body of text to answer questions about (like a Wikipedia entry) it will be less likely to confabulate a response.

But I’m unclear how to provide that ground truth? I’d like to import our entire software documentation so that users can ask natural language questions and get factual answers…

I am also a bit confused. So let me give you a concrete example; perhaps that will be helpful. I have marketing data on a group of about 5 million people. They are segmented into five different major groups. I would like to sell to one group without marketing to the other group. I work in a very controlled industry, thus the marketing needs to be precise. I have vast data on these 5 million people. So I would like to tell this AI (using an API or something) that I would like a group of users that I have marketed to over a particular period of time so that the AI can predict which users would be better to market to over the same period this year based on the responses from the last period for better engagement.

That’s just one use case. I have many more like that. So I was wondering how I could train this AI with the vast amount of data that I have and how it would be helpful for me to use it in marketing automations. I hope the scenario made sense, and I appreciate the help.