Introducing chatgpt at school

I am an Headmaster of an Italian school, and I’d like to introduce chatgpt in my school; I’ve done a little app with Llama Index and Davinci API, it works fine, but it is very costly to introduce it at school, where there are a thousand pupils and more than 100 teachers, even if for a single prompt the cost is limited to few cents, multiplied for thousands of user it would be not sustainble form my school. I wanted to ask if there are some packages, for schools, whith a reduced price or better, totally free. Thank you

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Sounds like a good case for ChatGPT Enterprise, for which you’d of course need to contact sales.

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Hi @teomusacchio

ChatGPT is free to all users across the globe. It’s the API that costs.

You could introduce them to

Alternatively you could consume the gpt-3.5-turbo instead of davinci, as it’s a fraction of cost of davinci

+ Edit: Today OpenAI shared about teaching with AI.



  • free to all users that can verify an allowed non-virtual mobile phone number (reporting it is from a supported country), and have a non-blacklisted non-anonymous email service.

Yes, but he seems to work better if he is purchased. :thinking: