OpenAI has brought back multi-factor authentication

If you don’t already have MFA enabled, I encourage you to do so now.


NOTE: If you have MFA enabled on it will automatically switch over and add MFA to your account at


I came across the new feature update regarding multi-factor authentication (MFA) and am trying to understand. With the introduction of MFA for enhancing security, I’m curious about its implementation within our workspace. Specifically, does activating MFA apply it automatically to all members of a workspace, or is it necessary for each member to individually enable this feature?

The announcement states: “Team workspace members now have the option to secure their sign-in process with multi-factor authentication (MFA). Once activated, MFA will be required for logging in to all associated OpenAI accounts, including ChatGPT and the API Platform.”


MFA is enabled individually, member by member, for ChatGPT Team.

I think ChatGPT Enterprise admins might be able to require it for all members of the workspace if they want.