OpenAI Assistant - File Search Privacy

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I’m trying to understand what openAI does with my uploaded files, especially when the files include sensitive content.


Hi, just this morning I got a feedback here on the forum that may be useful:


Adding to what @fabrizio.gaucci mentioned, I’ve prepared a blog for the OpenAI data privacy policy. Have a look


thanks for sharing! I asked about not training on content provided.

Anyway there’s also a flag on settings that you can turn off about model improvement in order not to use your data to train models.

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@MrFriday just to confirm, if I use the OpenAI assistant and upload a sensitive file, connecting it via API to my chat platform like Botpress, does OpenAI refrain from training their models with my file or queries? Also, do they retain the data until I, as the customer, delete it?

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Yes. But if you have another platform in between, can’t say sure for that. If that platform is only displaying API response coming from OpenAI, in that case, it wouldn’t be any issue.

No, they retain it for 30 Days only and auto deletes afterward. The period depends upon the model you use. Check this screenshot:

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It is retained for 30 days for legal reasons. They should never review it unless you try to sue them for something, or some other legal issue.

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