OpenAI API vs ChatGPT

how would I need to setup the API parameters so that the replies are at the level of ChatGPT?
I have experienced a higher level of quality when using ChatGPT rather than the text-davinci-003. So I would like to use the API with ChatGPT quality.
Thank you!
And, BTW, amazing tool no one can say too much about it and its future impact…

The difference between API GPT and chatGPT is that chatGPT has been further fine-tuned using human response based reinforced learning, making it’s text generator better. Currently, there is no way to mimic that using the API calls to GPT3. However, a possible chatGPT API is in the works as mentioned in one of the pinned topics in the forum. I am personally waiting for the chatGPT API as well.


Cannot wait. The output is so much more substantial.

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Welcome to the forum Nathalie !
If you haven’t seen it already, there is a waitlist where you can apply for ChatGPT API. Be sure to subscribe !

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All registered. :slight_smile: Thanks for that tip @udm17 .

Does anyone know if there is an ETA for roll out yet?

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