ChatGPT API vs DaVinci API

Hi, I am making a chatbot with Da Vinci API and it is working. I also tested it. However, I am seeing that it is no way as powerful as ChatGPT. For starters,

  1. The answers are not as good and relevant as ChatGPT
  2. It does not have the memory as ChatGPT.
    I wonder when do we get ChatGPT API or am I doing something wrong.
    Here is my code t call the Da Vinci API:
def generate_response(prompt):
    model = "text-davinci-002"
    completions = openai.Completion.create(

    message = completions.choices[0].text
    return message

I also wonder what the attributes are in the openai.Completion.create function. I could not find what they signify.

Because it’s not the same. – OpenAI has been clear about that ChatGPT is “3.5”, or “an improved versions of 3”

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So is the ‘3.5’ version’s API available? Because in the openAI website we see that da Vinci is the strongest one available they are saying.

No… its not.

lol seriously? it’s all over the place that’s not avail, in fact there’s a huge waiting list for it.