chatGPT seems to "understand" better than davinci003. Why and how to replicate chatGPT's quality?

I have a use case where I want to ask GPT to rate the helpfulness of a video (based on the transcript, description, title) to an specific audience.

I am finding that for the exact same prompt, chatGPT works much better than davinci003, with chatGPT making more accurate judgements regarding the helpfulness.

Any idea why this is so?

If I want to get the same level of accuracy that chatGPT has, any suggestions for how I can achieve that via an API? Thank you!

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You can wait for the ChatGPT API to be released :slight_smile:

Coming soon… so we have been told.

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Wait for Google’s response and we will have choices like never before :slight_smile: They will not go down quietly. Maybe at all. Their “Bard” (LaMDA) is on the way and is updated every few minutes + searching the web. Few days max and we will see the response


Yeah, I’m using some of Google’s code to calculate embeddings (vectors), and it’s fully free, open source code.

I hope Google comes out swinging with some very competitive APIs to develop with.