OpenAI API model 4 allowance to use. How to solve InvalidRequestError

Hi everyone!
I recently created account(commercial one), attached credit card and did as described in the post that you need to spend at least 1$ to activate API access for model 4. But still it doesn’t work. There is such mistake during the function call : InvalidRequestError: The model gpt-4 does not exist or you do not have access to it. Learn more: How can I access GPT-4? | OpenAI Help Center.
Maybe someone knows how to fix it?

Hi and welcome to the forumQ

The announcement that the GPT-4 API access would be granted to developers who had an existing API account that had a billed amount >1$ prior to the announcement, that was the 6th of July.


So if you generated a bill over $1 after that date it will not affect the GPT-4 API access situation. As is also mentioned, “plan to open up new developers by the end of July 2023” That has been done and access is rolling out as capacity/load of the system permits.