How is a small business to get access to GPT-4-32K?

We’re a startup and we’re building on the API. We’ve been using a consultant’s GPT-4-32K and on going back to our 8K, it’s not sufficient. We’ve also gone through Azure but their latency makes it unsuitable.

It seems the only solution is to use GPT-4-32K through OpenAI but the only way to get that is by getting ChatGPT Enterprise which is only available to orgs which need over 150 seats (according to the support team).

How does this support smaller businesses building on the API? Has anyone found a way around this?


I would 100% wait for the OpenAI DevDay this coming Monday, lots of things will be announced. Is your use case purely internal or do you need to expose that as part of a public facing product?

Thanks @Foxalabs ! Fingers crossed something comes out of it. We’re building an external-facing product.

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Agreed about the limit of 8K.

I emailed the sales team a few weeks ago to see if they offered an “al a carte” options of tokens only (16k, 24K, and 32K)on their enterprise offerings, but haven’t heard anything yet.

Keeping fingers crossed.