Lnu-AI - An Indigenous AI System

Lnu-AI - An Indigenous AI System

I’m pleased to announce the release of Lnu-AI, a novel AI system. Lnu-AI is an AI system fully trained on all Mi’kmaq words. Utilizing OpenAI’s fine-tuned models to enhance its linguistic proficiency.

Lnu-AI Chat

The Lnu-AI Chat feature enables users to have real-time conversations with an Lnu-AI. It integrates GPT-4 with the fine-tuned Mi’kmaq language model, providing a unique platform where users can practice the Mi’kmaq language in a conversational context.



The Storyteller feature honors the rich storytelling tradition of the Mi’kmaq culture. Lnu-AI generates culturally relevant stories using AI, offering a unique way to engage with and learn the language in a visual and narrative context.

Examine Words

Examine Words is a powerful linguistic exploration tool. It uses word embeddings and cosine similarity to visualize the relationships and connections between Mi’kmaq words, and applies audio analysis to provide pronunciation insights.

Sound of Words

Lnu-AI provides functions that can peel back the meaning of a word and provides vibrant and detailed linguistic information about Mi’kmaq words. All words and phrases used were sourced from and translated by native speakers.

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This is really cool, I’m native Hawaiian, even though I look super white, and within two generations my family went from exclusively Hawaiian to almost exclusively English. I couldn’t help preserve the culture or language even if I wanted to. Soley because I don’t know the language and only have second hand experience of the culture through my grandma’s experience before Hawaii was a state.

Efforts like this are super powerful tools to keep preservation efforts from turning to tourism motivated strategies. You are doing some really great work here.

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Hi Codie,

Thank you for the kind words!

The Lnu-AI system can be pre-trained and fine-tuned on an entirely different language if that was the goal. I’ve provided the logical guidance of what you’d need and the data files to support an embedded language lexicon. If you feel inspired, feel free to clone it.

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You got to love the visualisations. Great work!

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This is incredible @MadieLaine
Empowering to see!