*Trying* to prevent the extinction of Indigenous languages

Hey all!

I’m Devon, currently a SWE for the Australian Govt (5YOE) but working on this in my spare time.

I’m Australian Indigenous (Gangalidda, Garawa & Waanyi) and hugely passionate about endangered languages.
My family’s language (that no one knows due to lack of educational resources) has 60 speakers from a 2016 census.

This isn’t cool, so working on preventing this.

Due to the sheer volume of languages (840ish), I’m working on a GPT-powered research tool :^)

It’s only in its infancy but later down the line, it could change the lives for many people who are currently disconnected from their culture.

Australia’s charity process takes ages so being a legal nonprofit is still a WIP.


That’s a really cool idea. Prof Tolkien would love what you’re doing.

What is your plan exactly? If there are lack of educational resources, how do you plan to get access to such esoteric text and what are you going to do with it? An online database?

Have you considered compiling these rare languages into physical form? If your goal is to truly preserve the languages, then paper form is (barring an asteroid event) overwhelmingly more likely to survive than digital text. :slight_smile: I understand either of these are a massive undertaking, I am just curious

Also one last question. You say there are 840 languages. Are these all Australian Indigenous languages? That is a lot! Have you considered starting off with just some instead of trying to do all 840 in one go?

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Consider No language left behind by Meta?


Oh wow I wasn’t aware of this! Thanks
This is incredible, I have looked in Meta AI due to their work on Hokkein and must have missed this!