Open AI API Key- Hard Limit Reached

I’ve just added a payment method to my account but I’m still running into this issue when I hit my API key.

400 ====> {
  error: {
    code: 'billing_hard_limit_reached',
    message: 'Billing hard limit has been reached',
    param: null,
    type: 'invalid_request_error'

I’ve gotten this message despite configuring my hard limit to be none. Am I missing a step here?

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There is a usage limit that OpenAI imposes. Mine is around $120. OpenAI Platform

Have you asked for a higher limit than the default?

Either way, you might want to go direct to their support - this is more of an unofficial support forum, and they don’t often check here.

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Configuring it to zero and wondering why you can’t add to your bill? Start with $10 soft/$20 hard just to see that you get your notification when approaching.


It should actually still work when you set it to $0

Actually I take back my previous comment. I experimented with it before writing that, and it allowed me to make API calls, but also sent me an email saying I hit my limit. Looks like the hard limit could be bugged.

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