Open AI Access in Turkey and Syria

This is not about my account but about work that a colleague of mine is doing. He is a Syrian refugee in Turkey. He also collaborates with a colleague who (unfortunately) is still in Syria. They have nothing to do with the Syrian government and the developer who is currently there (quite understandably) is looking for ways to leave ASAP. The professor in Turkey has absolutely no connection with the Syrian government and his biggest fear is that he might one day have to be deported to Syria because the government would view him as a dissident. They tried (at my encouragement) using Open AI for some work I’m helping them with but they found that it wouldn’t work for them. I see that Turkey is on the list supported nations but Syria is not. They asked me to share my key with them which I’m happy to do. I trust both of these guys completely, know them very well. But I’m worried that if my key is seen coming from another nation, especially one that isn’t supported it will be discontinued and also my account may be flagged. Essentially I want to help them as much as I can but don’t want to interrupt my work or try to be hacking around legitimate controls. Please advise.

Michael DeBellis