Oops, an error occurred! Try again

I have a feeling they’re doing this to accounts that are “up” on their maximum allowable usage. Not disclosed and hush hush of course but sure is a sure fire way to ensure costs are in check.

I hope devs are reading this and searching for a solution. It might be related to plugins. I get the error for new chats if activate more than 1 plugin. If I start a chat with one plugin (doesn’t matter which) it works. I can then add the other plugins and it still works. Plugins I tried (Keymate.AI search, diagr.am, AI PDF).

I’m also affected by this problem, affects old conversations using AI PDF and AI Diagrams.

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This is me as well. Using no plugins, I’m getting the Oops error message. The only way I’ve been able to use GPT is to click on old conversations and go from there. I can’t start anything new. And like you, I can’t access my Sept chats.

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Same here, it happens when I try to use plugins or access chats with those plugins.

hoping this gets fixed soon, i’m basically locked out of all the work i’ve done

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I am getting the same error, please openai fix this issue

Here’s a clue to what the error might be: Malwarebytes is detecting a new problem as soon I try to access plugins.

Same issue for me. The tips from some guys above is not helpful for my case. It seems like from last 24 hours, there is a lot of people who are facing the same shit

Same here! Can’t access old IMPORTANT chats!!!

Hellooooo OpenAI,
Anyone from OpenAi reading this ? Are you working on the issue ???
No track of this error whatsoever on the status page from ChatGPT.
Worrying level of service…

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Same issues here. Maybe it’s a server overload because of influx of new users. Hopefully, it will get fixed soon.

I am experiencing it. how to fix this?

The " Oops, an error occurred! Try again" message is appearing today although I am having a paid account. Is there a reliable fix of this.

I was having the same issue. For me, it was the plugin Scraper, SEO.app, and Contentify Marketing that were causing issues. Please try a new chat without any plugins to check if they are the problem.

Seems to fix the problem 80% of the time

Having the same problem, occurs in two different browsers and does not matter if old prompts or new prompt.

I was having the same issues. I used Webpilot and AI Diagrams plugins. Hope it get fixed soon.

Hello everyone! I am also encountering the error ‘Oops, an error occurred! Try again’, but only when I access the full version of the site with a VPN. Everything works correctly in the app. It seems to me that the error is on the server side.

It is not just one specific plugin but all the plugins - the whole model=gpt-4-plugins


Same issue here. I can create new entries, but any legacy queries generates the ‘opps chatgpt did it again’ message. Glad it’s not just me.

Server overload last night, now this issue!

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