One of my GPTs is trending, what now?

One of my custom GPTs is now in the Trending section. This is truly incredible. I have been tracking the number of chats it was getting and now is it is in the top 12. I am open to suggestions on next steps.

Congratulations! Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

Maybe share with everyone a guide on how to trend a GPT in GPT Store

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This is not Magic, creating a gpt that attracts the attention of many users you think may be useful to them. The other thing is to make the chat bot known, this implies external website, seo, marketing, social networks, advertising. Because you can have a great gpt, but it is lost in four million gpts running a crazy marathon hoping to get a share of the priz


It is as if you reach the finish line but for now, you will be given a gold medal (plastic), enjoy the moment, as other competitors may surpass you.

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