Oembed + Historical chat for api embedded if the chatURL is provided

I am wondering, since chatGPT is loginless now, and users can already embed chats they have had…

Can openAI devs implement a feature similar to how YouTube and Twitter use oembed API?

This would solve the issue of api embedding and provide a free service that can grow OpenAI market share.

How would I use it?
My website generates trending news lists and generates tag suggestions based on real time datas, as well as embeds google trends chart options, video embed options etc. I could have a trending chats for users to submit valid oembed urls and use gpt as a user discussion tool by posting their GPT research conversations.

I would embed the basic details and the original prompt + first 100chars of response and have a “view full response in ChatGPT” button… simialr to the "view on youtube " or “view on Amazon” buttons I already have.

Also I could try to use PHP ob_start() and use the embed code, parse the variables etc. The point of oembed is for coders to promote ypur site with embeds of their choosing without needing api since you are controlling the output based on a valid chatURL provided which is already “public”.