OAuth failures on all apps - "Error in oauth callback" / "Could not log in to plugin"

Hi all,

Noticing persistent failures when trying to install both my own apps and other apps from the plugin directory, including ones on the popular tab that use OAuth.

It looks like it might have been broken for like 10 days now based on analytic data?

They all seem to be throwing a generic oauth error with no helpful details that says “Error in oauth callback”. I’ve debugged for a while but can’t see any obvious reasons for this, even the example code from OpenAI and all OAuth plugins are throwing the same error.

  1. Is anyone else able to install plugins with OAuth at the moment?
  2. Is there a known issue?

UPDATE: Actually just spotted that this is a duplicate of another post (cant post the link for some reason…)

So looks like this isn’t just on my end. Apologies for the duplicate post.


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also having the same issue. The use can still use the plugin if they after it appears, hopefully they are working on a resolve.