Not able to log in on on laptop

#Getting below thing on chat.openai and not able to login

ChatGPT ●

Write a thank-you note

to our babysitter for the last-minute help●

to my interviewer●

Help me debug

why the linked list appears empty after I’ve reversed it●

a Python script automating daily reports●

Plan a trip

to see the northern lights in Norway●

to experience Seoul like a local●

Improve my post

for selling a used vacuum in good condition●

for hiring a store associate●

Brainstorm names

for my fantasy football team●

for an orange cat we’re adopting from the shelter●

Suggest fun activities

for a family of 4 to do indoors on a rainy day●

for a team-building day with remote employees●

Recommend a dish

to impress a date who’s a picky eater●

to bring to a potluck●

Summarize this article

as a table of pros and cons●

into three key points●

Help me pick

an outfit that will look good on camera●

a gift for my dad who loves fishing●

Give me ideas

for what to do with my kids’ art●

for a customer loyalty program in a small bookstore●

Write a text

asking a friend to be my plus-one at a wedding●

that goes with a kitten gif for a friend having a rough day●

Draft an email

to request a quote from local plumbers●

requesting a deadline extension for my project●

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I cleared my Cache and my cookies for I also cleared the DNS Cache on the command prompt for Windows. My browser is Google Chrome, and is updated. I don’t have many extensions except for an ad blocker that I turned off, and it still did not work. ChatGPT works on my phone, just not my laptop. I don’t know what to do. Please help. Thanks

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I get the same message in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. I’ve cleared caches.

When I try to get around this, I log into the root website and then click on the Chat link, a new blank window opens.

firefox、safari is ok.

chrome has the issue.