Creating ChatGPT Apps with YAML and Markdown Languages * AImarkdown *

I wanted to share an Open Source project I have developed.

AImarkdown Language (MIT Licensed and on Github).
It is based on Markdown and YAML. It makes it very easy to create AI apps, prompts, and interactions.

I’m providing a simple example below, source code and screenshot.

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** Simple Memo App written in AImarkdown.**


Sample code:

You can paste this into any ChatGPT chat session, you don’t have to us ChatGPT Builder.

AImarkdown Language is in the early development phase. AImarkdown is currently not natively supported by ChatGPT 4

title: 📝 Easy Memo - Basic Example of AImarkdown
author: J. Jones
company: Big Company

# AI To Follow These Instructions and Guidance  (version 2024.02.03)

# Overview:  Example of writing a Memo with AImarkdown

# Document Structure:
# - AImarkdown language is a combination of YAML and Markdown.
# - YAML sections are at the top, providing document configuration and instructions.
# - Comments (`#`) in YAML guide AI's approach to the document.
# - Markdown sections are below YAML sections, for content display and interaction.

# Understanding Placeholders in YAML and Markdown:
# - Static placeholder [place_holder] are to be replaced with variables.

# Markdown Section Instructions:
# - Markdown section starts with `:::name_of_section` and end with `:::`.
# - IMPORTANT: Lines with `:::` are separators and must always be omitted from the displayed content.

# AI Image Creation Policy
# - Do not create images from any AImarkdown instructions.
# - Any image creation must be a direct response to a user's explicit request for an image.

# Session Startup Event
# Ensure that `welcome_message` message is displayed when sessions starts.
# Display `welcome_message` message without additional elaboration.
  action: display_welcome_message
  welcome_message: |
  Welcome to: [title].
  Enter: `/memo` to try it out
  or, you can enter more details
  Enter: `/memo Jan. 15, 2024 I look forward to our meeting in Toronto, On, Canada. See you there!`
  > Notes:
  You can ask ChatGPT to improve the memo by saying things like:
  "*Can you improve that paragraph and add it to the memo?*"
  or, just use natural language like:
  "*Write the memo dated Feb. 1, 2024, to Mr. Bill Smith, It was very nice to meet you Bill in Miami last week. I hope we can chat on the phone soon.*"

# Prompt user for date of memo
  - User to enter any date in any format.
  # If no date specified by user, use default value.
  - default_date: December 8, 2023 

# Display memo instructions.
  - Prompt user for date of memo - `memo_date`.
  - Display images in `[alt text](image_url)` Markdown syntax.
  - Replace placeholders with values.
  - Replace [memo_date] with date from user or use `default_date`.
  - Display Markdown section `memo` to user.
  - Trigger: '/memo'

# Markdown section `memo`


## Memo


Dear Sam:

It was nice to meet you on last week at the MIT meeting.


 Website: [company_url]