No model selector in chatgpt

I just subscribed to the ChatGPT Plus today, but I can’t see the gpt-4 option on the chatgpt website, So how can I access GPT-4? Thanks

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It is a loading error. Try reloading the page or restarting your browser.

me too . have you resolve this problem . I closed the browser and clear the cache .still not work .

I joined Plus at noon, and the problem was solved after a page refresh in the evening. I’ve tried deleting cookies and changing computers, but nothing seems to work. you might just have to wait

I found that going through openai .com and logging in rather than right to chat.openai .com when I selected chat gpt the selector was back… phew

I’ve tried this trick but doesn’t work on my case

I have also encountered the same issue. Yesterday, after logging in, I found that the interface was the same as the free account, with the addition of a PLUS logo. I wanted to continue the previous window dialogue with GPT4, but it was forcibly switched to the 3.5 version. I tried refreshing the webpage, restarting the browser, clearing browsing history and cookies, clearing all previous conversations, and using a VPN, but none of them worked. I don’t know how long this situation will last.

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I have the same issue.Did you solve the problem?

Same issue here. Seems like no official responses from the team… :confused:

Alright guys, it seems that there isn’t a good solution at the moment, all we can do is wait. I returned to normal after waiting for approximately one day.And I feel that ChatGPT has become dumber :roll_eyes:

I’ve just realized that with Adblocker like Ghostery is failing, I turned it off for chat openai com and it’s working okay.
I hope it works for you!

Same issue, pro subscriber for a few months but now gpt-4 option is gone

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ditto this problem - 3days now?! :thinking:

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Same issue. The model seelctor is not available

My GPT-4 has now returned, after 24hours missing.

I had the same issue for a few days. After doing a hard refresh and deleting all chats, the button appeared again.

Not Showing Model Selector for GPT-4, Even Tried to Open from another computer.

I am a chatGPT Plus subscriber too and unable to see the model selector option anymore. I have been a subscriber for a few months but this issues has happened over the last 2 days. I have tried to log out , tried different brosers etc but no luck. Any help would be great

I am experiencing the same issue. No selector and no way to enable plug-ins as a plus user.

I encountered the same issue. 1 day now. Just have to wait?