No access to GPT4 in the API

I had a GPT 4 account. I stopped two month and now i came back with GPT4o. I have no access to GPT 4 throught the API and my Make automation failed everytime with error message saying i have no access to the API. Is this normal. I am in Europe, France.

No … this is not normal

Check the “project” settings for your project. Create a new one and enable gpt4. I had a similar issue once and turned out that the project that was associated with the API only had 3.5 modules

It sounds like you might be a ChatGPT Plus subscriber – but that is unconnected to use of the API or its billing.

Review what you actually pay for the language data of various API models

Then, you’d have to add a credit card as payment method and purchase prepaid credits in order use the API and pay for those services. That’s under the settings gear icon, and “billing”.

The payment may take minutes or hours to unlock use and GPT-4 models. You can generate a new key under “projects”, and for safety can configure the endpoints you want a project to access, and the models that should be accessible.