No access to Chat GPT 4 API Key despite paying

I have Chat GPT Plus and I have deposited $12 in my API account. I still do not have access to a Chat GPT 4 API key. I want to put the API key into voiceflow. When I do this voiceflow says I do not have access to real time info e.g.

‘"Apologies for the confusion, but as an AI, I don’t have real-time location information. You would require a map or a GPS to provide you with the distance between the flat and Old Street Station.’

Please could someone help

Welcome to the community!

Your problem is not the fact that you don’t have access to GPT-4; you actually do have access. Your issue is that it doesn’t have real-time data. ChatGPT-4 does not currently have access to real-time data. You will need to feed it information in its instructions or by injecting it with your prompt.

I hope this helps.

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