New research discord up

Hello everyone,

As my youtube channel has taken off, I’ve had more people request a discord - a place to discuss theory and ideas. So without further ado, I am giving the people what they want! Here’s a link: David Shapiro Research

Let’s see how this goes…


The invite is Invalid or have expired.
Could you please share a new link? Thank you, your work is highly appreciated!

Here’s the updated link, should be good for 7 days!

(I know the name and logo appeared to have changed, but it’s the same server I promise)


Perchance a new link for the late arrival crowd :innocent:

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welcome to the cognitive AI lab! Cognitive AI Lab


Man. these links seem to be dying like flies.


@daveshapautomator Can you please post a new link? The latest one is expired.

Hey sorry for the delay. I’ve been trying to spend less time online during the weekends. Here you go: Cognitive AI Lab

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Can we get another link? :smiley: (all links are invalid)

The last link should still be working, it’s been less than a week :thinking:

Huh weird. Okay hang on…