Unofficial Open AI Discord Server

Just sharing this link to a new (unofficial) Discord live chat server to chat about OpenAI, GPT-3, DALL-E, and more. It’s meant to supplement this forum but offer a “live-chat” kind of feel, sort of like the GPT-3 slack group which is shutting down.


Everyone is welcome! Please continue to follow OpenAI terms of use and other policies, please be respectful on the discord. Thanks!


I’m curious as to how comfortable OpenAI will be with this. They have killed the Slack after issues with being able to save old messages, from what I’ve heard.

I don’t see anything wrong with this, but it’ll be good to see what the team says.

I would love to see both coexist.

The invite link isn’t working for me. Is the group still active? Would someone mind creating a new link and posting it/ sending it to me, if so?

7-day link. I’ll leave it to Rene to decide if he wants to point non-expiring links.

Thanks! Looking forward to chatting with y’all over there as well!


Hi all. I just started using OpenAI, and it’ll be great to join a discord channel (if there is one) so I can learn more about it! Thank you in advance!